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• Addictions
• Allergies
• Back Ache
• General feeling of ill health
• Circulation
• Depression
• Digestive disorders:
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Facial Revitalisation
• supporting IVF
• Grief
• Hayfever
• Headaches and Migraine
• Jaw Pain
• Low energy/tiredness/fatigue
Lower back pain
• Neck ache and back ache
• Osteoarthritis knee pain
• Overactive bladder
• Pain
Pregnancy and childbirth
• Sleep related problems
• Sports injuries
• Well being
• Women’s health issues

Acupuncture and Depression

Depression is an almost taboo word in our society, its ok to say you’ve had the flu or broken an ankle, but most people will not admit to being depressed unless in a very safe environment. In this fast modern world we now live in the pressures and strains of “normal” everyday living can lead us to experience emotional and psychological dilemmas that perhaps our ancestors didn’t have to face. This experience is exaggerated even more in the current economic climate.
The theories and principles of Five Element Acupuncture can be related to differing symptoms of depression which often present as an emotional overload. Acupuncture invites nature to assist in the rebalancing of human functions on several levels, spiritually, physically and emotionally, by reuniting the body mind and spirit. Depression may be presented in various forms:

If you are suffering from depression there are things you can do to help, try yoga, listening to music (anything by Mozart can put you in a good mood, try Eine kleine Nachtmusik on the stereo!), take light exercise (just a short walk might do the trick) or just have a nice bath or watch a good film.

Despite individual secrets, it is no secret that a large proportion of the population are taking prescribed anti-depressants and these definitely have their uses. However it may be of interest to note that acupuncture can work alongside prescribed medication and that if you feel that medication is not the complete answer then it might be worth trying a course of acupuncture treatment

Patients with back pain should be offered the choice of acupuncture, exercise or a massage on the NHS, say new guidelines.

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