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Well Being

I often hear my patients say that they are seeking acupuncture treatment for help them combat the pressures of every day life. Everyone has to deal with the usual life issues, whether its problems or pressure at work and balancing home life, through to working mothers having to juggle work life around their family, or exam stresses of students. Personal relationships can also impact upon our quality of life and happiness.

Dissatisfaction in our lives can lead to depletion of our vital reserves and result in a wide form of suffering which can affect the body mind and spirit. 

Traditional acupuncture sees these problems as an imbalance of our body energy that can be corrected by acupuncture treatment. Soon after treatments have commenced I find my patients reporting that they feel more energetic, re-vitalised, and see a positive change in their lives feeling that life is improving. On a body level the physical symptoms start to ease and the mind becomes calmer.  With this improvement clients often then find the confidence and energy to consider and address their lifestyle issues.