Lisa Collins Acupuncture in Shrewsbury

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COVID-19 Protocols

As a recognised health care practice I have worked through Covid whilst making every effort to protect my clients, colleagues, my family and me the practitioner. I follow the Government and British Acupuncture Council guidelines for practice. I continue to wear appropriate PPE, mask and apron and the couch is cleaned between clients and the room is ventilated. As acupuncture is a close practice therapy I make every effort to maintain space in the clinic as much as possible and when appropriate I will conduct the consultation aspect of the appointment via a video call or telephone. I also ask that clients wear a clean disposable mask during treatment.

In accordance with BACC requirements I invite you to sign Covid Risk Assessment forms and an acupuncture consent at the start of your appointment or prior to. BACC regularly update our practice requirements subject to following the most recent Government guidance.

If you are showing symptoms of Covid please reschedule the appointment following a negative test result. In addition if you are showing signs of a cold or flu I ask that you rearrange your appointment once you are well so that I can avoid any spread of colds which can then cause people to have to isolate until they have done tests.