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Five Ways to Boost Your Energy: Indulge in some Acupuncture

Here is a link to a useful article on how Acupuncture can help boost your energy.



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Lower Back Pain

In 2009 NICE's (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) published a report stating that acupuncture could be offered as a treatment for chronic lower back pain.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Report

Traditional acupuncture has been used for over 2,000 years to alleviate back pain and British Acupuncture Council members have for many years been successfully treating patients for this condition either in private practice or working within the NHS. I myself have helped a lot of people with back pain, ranging from pain associated with arthritis, through to back pain caused by a work related activities or accidents. NICE recommends up to 12 sessions of treatment. My experience is that this is a fair prediction, though my patients have reported that they often feel an immediate relief from pain and often only 4 to 8 sessions are needed to sort the problem out.
Back pain affects more than 1.1 million people in the UK with 95% of patients suffering from lower back pain problems. Recent research has shown that acupuncture treatment can be effective in treating back pain and introducing acupuncture treatment on the NHS can be very beneficial for patients who are suffering from the one of the nation’s main reasons for work-related sickness absence.


Spring and summer are seasons for allergies. Our immune system can overreact to allergens brought on by wind, grass or weed pollen causing symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, headache and fatigue.
A recent (November 2008) randomised trial involving over 5000 patients concluded that treating patients with allergic rhinitis in routine care with additional acupuncture leads to clinically relevant and persistent benefits. click here to view the pubmed reference.

Acupuncture for Runners


The Times (20 April 2009) stated that the "latest trend" for runners "is acupuncture to ease weary limbs, niggling injuries and post-race fatigue."

Paula Radcliffe and Maria Sharapova have admitted to using it.

Acupuncture pain molecule pinpointed

A molecule which may control how acupuncture relieves pain has been pinpointed by US researchers.
Experiments in mice showed that levels of adenosine - a natural painkiller - increased in tissues near acupuncture sites. click here to view the news article on the BBC website. click here to view the full research paper.